CX Journey using Chatbots How Customer Service Agents are doing in this time & age

AI and Machine Learning are driving technological innovation more than any other time in history. Call centers have been in recent years being improved and digitized to meet customers demands. Customer experience requires reducing the downtime that customers waste waiting to be served or being attended to by a customer care representative.

Due to the growing Call Volume companies have opted mostly to give the customer power on their side by introducing self-service channels using these customers are given freedom to attend to themselves.

In this age and time, 21st-century customer experience has been always being up-scaled to attain market standards and also to woe customers so that they always come back for the business. Because of the good customer experience and growing call volume, most companies have always been forced to increase the number of staff and this has led to increased cost for Call centers and front offices.

The digital CX journey

The digital customer journey is not new but it has continually evolved during time. As technology has been improving to meet the demand of the growing Interactions in the Contact Center. Customer service representatives have always been tasked with meeting the needs of the consumer. Today their tasks have increased as Companies provide an Omnichannel experience to their customers and this has lead to increase in the channels to interact with customers and consumers have always grown from phone lines, chat rooms, chatbots, social media, SMS blogs and also emails.

It is important to note that phone conversation is not the default channel for conversation.

At the contact centers, customer experience has shifted to a different direction to digital channels with more customer experience and knowledge than ever before.

The fate of Agents

Automation will in the near future take over the call centers. But this transition will be not that fast since artificial intelligence services are limited to certain services. Majority of the skills of an excellent customer experience requires a human touch. If not convinced here are some of the things that a robot cant do;

1.Responding to customer complaints and problems

2.Executing sales and financial transactions

3.Making recommendations on various issues

All though there will be a turnaround and revolution of call centers the human presence will be required and will not be faced out as technology tries to take over the industry. Agent retainment will be one of the key aspects in the revolution only that the number will be reduced because most of the work that is perfectly handled on an artificial intelligence platform will be delegated.Customer experience will be enhanced and chatbots will be handled by the artificial intelligence platforms.

Challenges Affecting Call Centers

Some of the challenges that will hinder the success of the revolution of the call centers are;

1.Integrated multiple systems

These systems are independent and will require mutual interaction for good customer experience and to provide the Customer Journey.

2.Budget Costs

It is expensive to update the current call centers to the artificial intelligence platforms if some companies will not all companies will switch to because it’s expensive.

The call centers must be multi-channel and recent advances will not entirely face out the human presence but improve speed and customer experience.