Top 7 Customer Service Trends in 2019

The contact call center trends that will matter in 2019 are ones that are people-centric and can utilize technology to put people first. But how far are we from completely automated call centers? Below are trends that will thrive this year.

Artificial Intelligence Integrated Into Customer Interactions:
The technological revolution has forced corporations to go deep into predictive analytics, using AI applications to streamline contact center experiences for agents and clients. As early adaptors continue perfecting AI applications for call routing, the expectation is that they will become widely applied in 2019.
Omnichannel trend:
Omnichannel, a huge hot button back in 2016 has become a slogan within the retail and marketing spheres by combining the two into a single customer entity. More businesses now realize that unification of customer communications across all channels provides a better context for their clients and helps sales agents to identify better opportunities. We will see this trend become even more popular in 2019.
Thanks to Artificial intelligence, today’s Chatbots have become more advanced. Businesses can now be equipped with front line chatbots army to handle customer inquiries. They are on the verge of being considered a form of self-service that will see them trending this year.

Customer journey analytics
The use of deeper analytics to inform the customer’s journey is a precursor to the satisfaction of the customer and will be a big talk for 2019. Data drive today’s economy. Thus more corporations will have to develop long term strategies for analyzing relevant consumer data. In 2019 you will need thousands of data point to get a real-time insight about the customer’s journeys to power interactions between agents and customers.

Investing in Agents
In 2019 saving the day for contact call center agents will be a leading quest. With the no-hang up policy agents undergo horrifying experiences to the extent that they need psychological support and moral support. In 2019 contact center culture will undergo an overdue upgrade as companies have realized that an agent is the backbone of their sales. It’s an investment that they will have to consider.

Gamification in the Contact Center
Contact center gamification is the implementation of game mechanics to motivate employee’s engagement and achievement. It’s no game Gamification will transform the contact center in 2019. Corporations know it’s more expensive to acquire new clients thus they won’t hesitate from tapping into the power of gamification to boost employee’s engagement and motivate them so that they deliver exemplary services to customers.

Voice-Powered Technology
Voice powered technologies like Siri and Google Home have exponentially grown and are breaking the human voice out of the phone. It’s an era of customer service, and no corporation will afford to fall short of the consumer’s expectation. To improve their services, they will turn into VPT to expand their contact centers as they offer what regular phone calls don’t. They are also intelligent, sophisticated and will become the central component of contact center strategies in 2019.
Bottom line
Contact centers should jump into the latest innovations and trend to keep up with competition and deliver satisfying experience to consumers.

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