Give Your Agents Complete Customer Context With An Easy To Use Tool .

How your agents can help skip the step of customer explaining the problem again . 

Learn how we can help your agents detect the customer intent before he gets the callor chat.

How you can have customers by engaging them on their preferred channel using the power of proactive “customer notifications and “suggested channel “

Customer Journey Maps

Easy to Visualize Customer Journey Map which helps Agents Improve Customer Experience.
Software helps your agent with the power to reverse engineer the steps the customer has taken just ——F before the engagement.
The first foundation is the Customer Journey Maps will show him the complete steps taken by the customer across different channels .
Customer Journey Maps add dimensions like Persona’s , actions taken and the likelihood of Customer achieving a particular goal.

Use Persona's to identify your Loyal Customer's

Persona’s help you segment users based on their Customer Journey.

Persona’s can be added and used to track:

  • Customer Loyality: How much time are they spending on a particular journey.
  • When they arrive or take an action to purchase.
  • What it takes to move them forward.
  • With an easy to use drag and drop tool create persona's without the need to code.
  • Persona's are constantly tuned using our machine learning engine.

Predict what will your customer do next

Anticipate Customer Expectations and use self service channels at the moment of decision.

  • Reduce the number of interactions coming to your contact center by predicting your customer actions.
  • Outcomes can be created for different persona's by you using our tool.
  • We leverage large amount of unexplored data in call center to improve quality of Customer Service.
  • Reduce the number of interactions coming to your contact center by predicting your customer actions.
  • The scores on likely outcomes are calculated using Machine learning .
  • We use both supervised and un-supervised learning , we have pre-trained models which do most of the heavy lifting however we constanly fine-tune the algorithm based on the data you provide.

Customer Service Managers can get unique Insights using pre-built Reports and Templates

  • Tool provides you with reports which gives insights on typical channel which agent's used to do a Call Dispsition and its overall impact.
  • Overall Customer Sentiment across all customers
  • Diffrent Outcomes
  • How customers have been rating the interactions
  • All these reports can be customized based on your needs and be available inside the tool.
  • In addition, if there are other reports which you wish to see the same can be customized and made available.

Integrate with Dozen of Applications

DataSleek integrates with popular applications like Avaya , Cisco Genesys & Zendesk.
This means you can integrate our tool and start collecting Customer Data. You can also easily integrate with WebRTC plugin from us if you do not have a Voice or Chat platform.
Your Customer can do a chat or log a ticket from his browser .

Reduce the Number of Interaction coming to your Contact Center.

You can integrate your chatbot or your existing knowledge base with our platform.
This along with the Voice , email and chat can be used in conjunction to trigger a self service option to customer based on persona identified

There's No Risk with DataSleek , we provide a free of Cost Proof of Concept

                                                   Using our tool is very easy, you need to add Javascript snippet to start tracking customer events.
                                                                        If you are using Google Analytics this will complement that